Clever Cloggs Day Nursery

26 Honey Road, Priors Green

Little Canfield

Takeley, Essex.


Tel: 01279 871687


logo for website 2 - 3s Room

2 - 3's Room

Staff ratio 1:4

Our spacious environment allows the toddlers to develop their independence and explore their powers to communicate.


The door to the outside classroom is within the room and enables the children to free flow from indoors and outdoors. The staff are deployed to enable the children to make their own choices and encouraged to access different activities to meet their individual needs.


We understand that within this age range the children are experiencing different emotions and want to assert their independence and individuality. This is also a time to develop control of their toileting skills and the staff understand the need to be patient and supportive in this process.


The children are encouraged to develop all the skills needed for the transition to the pre-school room. This will include communication, numeracy, literacy and understanding of the world around them.

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