Clever Cloggs Day Nursery

26 Honey Road, Priors Green

Little Canfield

Takeley, Essex.


Tel: 01279 871687


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Biometric Door Entry System

The nursery has installed a Biometric Fingerprint Door Entry System.


Finger print identification is the most secure form of access control and only staff registered to use this system by the touch of their finger will be able to gain access to the nursery.


The Biometric System unlike a pin or card cannot be obtained from or given to another person.  Finger prints are stored using a mathematical system rather than a readable image, ensuring individual privacy is protected at all times.




We take security at the nursery very seriously.  Ensuring that only authorised persons have access into the nursery.


All viewings are booked by appointment only and will be confirmed by management on the day.


Only authorised persons can collect their child from the nursery

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